Cape Breton Transition House, is part of the larger Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (THANS).

Serving the communities of Cape Breton and Victoria counties, Cape Breton Transition House believes in providing services that are inclusive and sensitive to the needs of all women. This includes women from all cultural, economic, social, and religious backgrounds.

We share THANS mandate of eliminating violence against women in Nova Scotia by:

  • Working collaboratively with other equality seeking organizations, and the three levels of government, to address barriers that prevent women, and their children from living free of Violence and Abuse.


  • Advocating for sufficient programs, services and funding for Transition Houses in Nova Scotia.


  • Increasing public awareness of Violence and Abuse in our society.


  • Conducting and/or participating in Feminist Participatory Research.


  • Providing training and networking opportunities for Boards and Staff of our Member Organizations.