Cape Breton Transition House believes:

  • that family violence exists in our community;
  • that no woman or child should be abused physically, psychologically, sexually or economically.
  • that women and children have the right to live without fear.
  • that every woman has the right to choose how she will define her own life.
  • that a safe, supportive, accepting, non judgmental and structured shelter will enable women to become active agents in their own lives;
  • that particular attention should be paid to the needs of children exposed to family violence;
  • that ongoing services be provided to victims of family violence;
  • that efforts should be made to provide public education in our communities concerning the extent and ramifications of family violence;
  • that communication and cooperation between agencies concerned with family violence should be encouraged at every opportunity;
  • that efforts should be made to research all aspects of the problem of violence in the family.



  • Physical violence encompasses any non-consensual touching and can include, slapping through to murder and it is always accompanied by varying degrees of psychological abuse.


  • Psychological violence is also painful and more insidious because there are no identifiable physical signs. The most common forms are verbal attacks on the     woman’s character and personality, forced isolation from family and friends and  accusations of sexual infidelity. This type of violence deviates from the classical   definition of violence in that it does not cause physical injury. The aim of  psychological abuse is to intimidate and control the victim.


  • Child Abuse may be the physical, sexual, and emotional, may involve neglect or may be a combination of one or more of these kinds of abuse. (Also, refer to the Children and Family Services Act)


  •  Family Violence is abusive or violent behaviour that occurs between or among individuals related by affection, kinship, dependency, or trust. It is fundamentally an abuse of power and betrayal of trust. Abuse can be physical, sexual, psychological/emotional or financial in nature.